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CAS number: 593-50-0

Molecular formula: CH3 ( CH2 ) 28CH2OH

Solubility: in water Insoluble

Triacontanol is a natural long carbon chain  plant growth regulator, it’s applicable to a variety of crops, and has been widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.

Triacontanol is not a kind of plant nutrient, the spray concentration can not be blindly increase. It’s not a substitute for fertilizer and other measures to increase production.


1. Appearance: The pure product is white flaky crystal;

2. Solubility: Triacontanol is insoluble in water, difficult to dissolve in cold ethanol, benzene, soluble in chloroform, methylene chloride. It’s stable to heat. Light, air, heat and alkali;

3. Melting point: 80~87.5 ° c .  Boiling point: under 66.66Pa is 244 degrees centigrade. Relative density: (88 °C ) of 0.777. Storage conditions: 2~8°C.

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Herbal Extract

Hederagenin is a triterpenoid which is a actinic basic of the Hedera braid plant.

Hederagenin is one of three primary saponins extracted from the Chenopodium quinoa bulb categorized by the EPA as a biopesticide. HeadsUp® Bulb Protectant is fabricated up of about according ratios of the saponins Oleanolic acid, Hederagenin, and Phytolaccinic acerbic and is advised for use as a berry analysis on bake-apple (e.g. potato berry pieces), legume, and atom seeds or as a pre-plant basis dip for roots of transplants, at planting, to anticipate fungal growth, bacterial growth, and viral bulb diseases.

Hederagenin has been begin to accept antidepressant-like furnishings in a rodent models.



Detection method:GC


Policosanol (or polycosanol) is the all-encompassing appellation for a accustomed admixture of continued alternation alcohols extracted from bulb waxes. It is acclimated as a comestible supplement advised to lower LDL cholesterol and access HDL cholesterol and to advice anticipate atherosclerosis, admitting some studies accept aloft questions about the capability of policosanol.


Policosanol is a actinic acquired from amoroso pikestaff and added sources.


Policosanol is acclimated for abounding conditions, but so far, there isn’t abundant accurate affirmation to actuate whether or not it is able for any of them.


Policosanol is acclimated for altitude that affect the bloom of the affection and claret argosy including top cholesterol, leg affliction due to poor apportionment (intermittent claudication), and absorption of the claret argosy that serve the heart.

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Herbal extracts

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), aswell accepted as the Whortleberry and Blaeberry, is a baby brier begin on heaths area it grows to about 60 centimeters tall. You will acquisition abounding eye formulas that accommodate it, including Eyesight Rx, a blueprint that improves abutting and abroad eyes aural a few canicule of use. Bilberry assemble has added than a dozen anthocyanosides for eye health.


Herbalists in Europe accept been application Bilberry Extract for abounding years to amusement assorted complaints such as urinary amplitude infections, kidneys stones, and diarrhoea. Bilberries are aswell accepted to be able antioxidants and can be acclimated for attention the beef in the eyes and added locations of the physique from chargeless radicals and toxins. Bilberry supplements are fast acceptable more accepted in today’s anesthetic ability abnormally for the analysis of eyes disorders including amaurosis and poor night vision.


Bilberry dosage:


It is not bright at this time what the ideal dosage would be. For the time being, 10 to 100 mg of an abstract comprised of 25% anthocyanosides should suffice. This bolus charge alone be taken a few canicule a week.

Food fdditives

Curcumin is a a baptize acrid orange-yellow coloured powder. Curcumin is one of three curcuminoids of turmeric. The added two curcuminoids are demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin.

Curcumin is acquired by bread-and-butter abstraction from broiled turmeric roots.

Curcumin can be acclimated for boron altitude in the curcumin method. It reacts with boric acerbic to anatomy a red-colored compound, rosocyanine.

Curcumin is aswell getting assiduously advised as a accessible anti-Alzheimer’s ache molecule. One of the characteristics of Alzheimer’s ache is the accession of β-amyloid proteins in the brain. It has been apparent that curcumin binds β-amyloid breed and prevents them from aggregating. Curcumin aswell reduces levels of breakable proteins and interleukin 1-β, a pro-inflammatory cytokine animated in the accuracy of mice.

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Food fdditives

Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) is a vitamin-like actuality begin throughout the body, but abnormally in the heart, liver, kidney, and pancreas. It is eaten in baby amounts in meats and seafood. Coenzyme Q-10 can aswell be fabricated in a laboratory. It is acclimated as medicine.

Coenzyme Q-10 has been used, recommended, or advised for abundant conditions, but charcoal arguable as a analysis in abounding areas.


Coenzyme Q-10 is an important vitamin-like actuality appropriate for the able action of abounding organs and actinic reactions in the body. It helps accommodate action to cells. Coenzyme Q-10 aswell seems to accept antioxidant activity. People with assertive diseases, such as congestive affection failure, top claret pressure, periodontal disease, Parkinson’s disease, assertive able-bodied diseases, and AIDS, ability accept lower levels of coenzyme Q-10.

MgO Powder Application •Abrasive (For Grinding Wheels, Emerystones, Millstones) •Stock Feed / Cattle Feed •Chemicals (Magnesium Salts) •Construction. (Flooring, Ceiling Boards) •Electrical (Insulating Material) •Fertilizers (Plant Nutrient) •Fuel Additive (Neutralization) •Glass Manufacture (Decorative / Special Purpose) •LeatherTanning

MgO Powder is availablein white and yellowish color and used in ferrous powder. The chemical is used to make

partition board, glazed tile, magnesium oxide board, fire proofing board, grinding wheel, griding stone,

grinding mill, fire brick and more such products. It finds application in agricultural, chemical,

environmental and construction industries .

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MgO Powder(Caustic Calcined Magnesite Powder)

Function: Acts as allurement receptor for TNFSF11/RANKL and thereby neutralizes its action in
osteoclastogenesis. Inhibits the activation of osteoclasts and promotes osteoclast apoptosis in vitro.
Cartilage homeostasis seems to depend on the bounded arrangement amid TNFSF11 and TNFRSF11B. May aswell play a
role in preventing arterial calcification. May act as allurement receptor for TNFSF10/TRAIL and assure adjoin
apoptosis. TNFSF10/TRAIL bounden blocks the inhibition of osteoclastogenesis. Ref.12 Ref.16

Subunit structure: Homodimer. Interacts with TNFSF10 and TNFSF11. Ref.13 Ref.16

Subcellular location: Secreted.

Tissue specificity: Highly bidding in developed lung, heart, kidney, liver, spleen, thymus, prostate, ovary,
baby intestine, thyroid, lymph node, trachea, adrenal gland, testis, and cartilage marrow. Detected at actual
low levels in brain, placenta and ashen muscle. Highly bidding in fetal kidney, alarmist and lung.

Induction: Up-regulated by accretion calcium-concentration in the average and estrogens. Down-regulated by

Post-translational modification: N-glycosylated. Contains sialic acerbic residues. Ref.16The N-terminus is

Involvement in disease: Juvenile Paget ache (JPD) [MIM:239000]: Rare autosomal backward osteopathy that
presents in adolescence or aboriginal childhood. The ataxia is characterized by rapidly adjustment alloyed
bone, osteopenia, debilitating fractures, and deformities due to a clearly accelerated amount of cartilage
adjustment throughout the skeleton. Approximately 40 cases of JPD accept been appear worldwide. Unless it is
advised with drugs that block osteoclast-mediated ashen resorption, the ache can be fatal.Note: The ache is
acquired by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry.

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 Anti-OPG (Osteoprotegerin) ELISA Kit