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Vitamin B1-thiamine monontrate is aswell alleged thiamine or thiamine. From the pyrimidine ring and thiazole ring as a aggregate of B vitamins. White crystals or apparent powder; a anemic appropriate smell, aftertaste bitter, with a moist, apparent in the air, simple damp absorption. In acrid band-aid that can calmly addle metamorphic. PH amount in 3.5 is aggressive to top temperature of 100 ℃, pH greater than 5 simple failure. In ablaze and calefaction decreased potency. It should be placed in shade, air-conditioned abode to keep, not a connected time storage. In acerb band-aid is actual stable, ambiguous in acrid solution, is decumbent to blaze and calefaction damage. Mainly in the berry covering and embryo, such as rice bran and aureate bran agreeable is actual rich, agreeable is aswell actual abounding in yeast. Lean meat, banknote and celery are aswell affluent in content. The use of vitamin B1 are constructed actinic products. In vivo, vitamin B1 to coenzyme forms complex in the catabolism of glucose, assure the afraid arrangement function; can advance gastrointestinal peristalsis, increases appetite.

Vitamin B1-thiamine monontrate is a bargain and constructed vitamin, abounding foods add it by acceptable the comestible composition. Abounding humans yield vitamin B1 book or a few kinds of admixture vitamin B, thinks he can add all nutrition. Vitamin B accumulation ‘s role is to supplement anniversary other, abstracted uptake of any one or one of several added species, will alone access after added vitamin B requirement; accomplish assimilation allotment because of abridgement of concrete abnormalities, but self-defeating. Adequate vitamin B1 assimilation accord to activity production. But the clairvoyant should not be blurred this sentence, lots of vitamin B1 tablets to annihilate fatigue. Once the clairvoyant to do so. An busy lady, her ample circadian doses of vitamin B1 has connected for two years. Vitamin B1 is the a lot of abounding antecedent of aureate antibody and bran, alarmist agreeable is not much. Berry formation to the vitamin, so it exists all Cereals, nuts, broiled beans, peas, beans, lentils, and bulb seeds after processing of aesthetic foods, such as peanut butter, aliment and cereal; meat foods in kidney, affection and the a lot of abounding in pork.

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