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Chromium picolinate is purplish red apparent powder, luster, acceptable liquidity, and adherence at allowance temperature, hardly acrid in water, baffling in ethanol. Chromium picolinate ( CrPic ) is acclimated for blazon 2 diabetes added or another medicine; beginning evidence, CrPic has an aftereffect on glucose uptake by p38 MAPK activation; chromium is anticipation to advance insulin function, arch to added insulin acuteness in blazon 2 diabetes. Chromium is the glucose altruism agency ( GTF ) is the important component. It can access the action of insulin, complex in the amalgam of protein and nucleic acid, fat metabolism, abate the physique fat content. Chromium can could cause the allowed arrangement to strengthen the body, advance the bad action and accent resistance. Chromium picolinate activated in diabetes is an absolute fact, and the aftereffect is obvious. But some patients even doctors do not apperceive about the chromium picolinate, what accept said, some even said that clenbuterol, augment additive, medicine, and so on, in fact, chromium picolinate is a mineral, a affectionate of capital trace elements in beastly body.

Chromium picolinate as medicines and bloom articles anatomic agency : hypoglycemic fat suppression, weight accident supplement, able able-bodied fitness, enhance immunity. As a augment additive: 1, access the adaptation amount of livestock and banty meat, eggs, milk, Aberdeen achievement amount and young; 2, announcement the livestock and banty hypoglycemic fat-suppressed fast growth, advance augment amount of return; 3, adjustment of the endocrine, enhance changeable achievement of livestock and poultry; 4, advance the beastly body quality, advance the angular meat amount of 5, lower; beastly stress, enhance the anti-stress ability; 6, enhance the allowed action of poultry, livestock and banty ancestry accident abate new abstraction found, chromium picolinate can advance ashen beef beef of the new supersedes the old. And pathways associated with a protein kinase AMP action ( AMPK ) quantity, bigger activity antithesis and insulin action and thereby. The accompanying analysis in Dr. diet and abiding ache analysis accumulation William Cefalu Pennington biological and medical centermost beneath the administration of Dr. Zhong Wang, a academician at the centermost of this anniversary in Athens forty-first European Diabetes Analysis anniversary affair this analysis has fabricated elaborately.

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