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Fructose crystal is a accustomed sweetener, can usually be on apples, oranges and added fruit. Fructose absolute 6 carbon atoms, is aswell a affectionate of monosaccharides, glucose isomer, which in the chargeless accompaniment in ample numbers in bake-apple booze and honey, fructose and glucose accumulated can aftermath sugar. Pure fructose is a achromatic crystal, melting point of 103~ 105 ℃, it is not simple to crystallization, usually for adhesive liquid, acrid in water, booze and ether. Fructose is the a lot of sweet.

Fructose crystal , the lower the temperature, the greater the sweetness, namely in the algid candied taste. Fructose and added amoroso compared, in the aperture of acidity comes quickly, dematerialization fast. Its candied aftertaste aiguille than added acidity as food. When the added acidity aliment peak, fructose acidity has receded, so as not to awning aliment and added flavor, with a array of altered balm accord coexist, so not because abutting the fructose and advantage and abash added bake-apple flavor. In contrast, sucrose aftertaste is slow, go slow, in the aperture candied to 30 abnormal to disappear, aliment acidity release, is the aftertaste of sucrose aiguille area, and was covered by sucrose sweetness.

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