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Phosphatidylserine articles are white or ablaze chicken apart powder, can be blurred in water. Not acrid in ethanol, methanol; acrid in chloroform, ether, petroleum ether. Artificial admixture is acrid in chloroform. From bovine academician abstract in allowance temperature, and is apparent to the air, about 0.5% circadian degeneration. Accustomed compounds ( L- αphosphatidyl serine ( -L- ) from bovine sheep ) academician or soybean extraction. Because the R1 and R2 difference, it is a lot of admixture mixture. Like academician articles R1 and R2 are: 16:0, consisting of about 1%; 1.8:0, 40%~ 41%; 18:1, 28%~ 30%; 18:3, 4%; 18:4, 1%; 20:4, 1%; 20:5, 2%; 22:6, 9%~ 14%. Synthetic articles accept abounding isomers, the ablution action of complex. Amalgam of two, twenty-six articles such as 1,2- -rac- by -3- -L- alkyl glycerol phosphate serine, C38H74NO10P, atomic weight 336. Help to adjustment academician damage, phosphatidylserine is one of the above apparatus of the academician nerve, has the diet and the activation of the academician in the action of assorted enzymes, can adjournment the neurotransmitter in the abridgement process, accord to the adjustment of damaged academician cells, amend and abatement of chancy substances.

Phosphatidylserine, the English name Phosphatidylserine, referred to as PS, composed of accustomed soybean oil balance extraction. The corpuscle film is the alive actuality present in the beef of the brain, especially. Its capital action is to advance the action of assumption cells, adapt assumption actuation conduction, advance academician anamnesis function. Phosphate ester compounds in the glycerol phosphate ester, is a basic of the corpuscle membrane, abnormally in the afraid arrangement of the body, the academician is the important basic of the corpuscle membrane, and the altered functions of the academician ( abnormally in the brain’s anamnesis and affecting stability) play an important acclimation role, as it can affect a corpuscle film fluidity, permeability, and can actuate assorted enzymes of metabolism and synthesis. As the animal corpuscle film on the phosphatidylcholine, sphingomyelin ( 19%) ( 8%), phosphatidylethanolamine ( 16%) and phosphatidyl serine ( 10%). And alone the closing in the corpuscle film has a net abrogating charge, accord to film asymmetry. Also accept accident on the apparent of prothrombin activation. And phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine in vivo can be adapted into anniversary other. Because R1 and R2 alter from anniversary added and accomplish phosphatidylserine absolute into a chic of compounds.

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