CAS: 111-87-5
Molecular Formula: C8H18O
Molecular Weight: 130.23
1-Octanol is a constructed reagent used to aftermath esters. 1-Octanol aswell inhibits T-type calcium channels and is used to actuate the allotment accessory amid compounds and the cytosol.1-octanol is a colorless, hardly adhesive aqueous used as a defoaming or wetting agent. It is aswell used as a bread-and-butter for careful coatings, waxes, and oils, and as a raw actual for plasticizers.
1-Octanol is used as a forerunner to adapt esters, which is used in perfumes and flavorings. It is used as food ingredient, anti-foaming abettor and emulsifier in anti-rust emulsions. It is broadly complex in actinic industry for the amalgam of ethoxylates, alkyl sulfates and ether sulfates. It is used as a bread-and-butter in paints, varnishes, waxes, and crystalline coatings and mainly complex in agronomical allure to arrest boundless advance of tobacco plants.
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