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Sodium gluconate is a white apparent powder. Very acrid in water, hardly acrid in ethanol, baffling in ether. Acclimated for medicine, acclimation acid-base antithesis in the animal body, to restore assumption function, based on the aforementioned purpose, acclimated in aliment additives; baptize acclimated as a stabilizer, its accomplished achievement in:⑴has accessible allocation effect, acceptable for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite and added assorted formulations, because of the allocation effect, bane inhibitor aftereffect is abundantly improved; the adverse and accepted bane inhibitor, inhibition bulk added with accretion temperature; the calibration abstruse requirements on calcium, magnesium, adamant salts with able complexing ability, abnormally on the Fe3+ has accomplished chelation; ( 4) as circulating cooling baptize bane inhibitor, is currently acclimated by added bane inhibitors is clumsy to compare, can abort the abuse effect.

Sodium gluconate acclimated as adhesive admixture: adhesive add a assertive bulk of sodium gluconate, can access the backbone and bendability of the concrete, and the blocking effect, i.e. delayed accurate alliance of the antecedent and final time; can be acclimated for electroplating, blur authoritative and abounding added automated fields; for the aliment industry, because of its able to anticipate the accident of hyponatremia syndrome, so it can be acclimated as aliment additives. Gluconic acerbic sodium and potassium gluconate has accomplished aftertaste threshold. Sodium gluconate no irritation, no absinthian taste, alkali aftertaste superior to abutting to the salt, the beginning is far college than added amoebic acerbic salt, alkali ( alkali ) 5 times, angel acerbic sodium, sodium lactate 2.6 times 16.3 times. Gluconic acerbic sodium and potassium gluconate in aliment processing for pH adjustment, advance aliment flavor, instead of table alkali is candy into a advantageous low alkali or non-salt ( after sodium chloride ) food, to enhance animal health, people’s affluent activity plays a abundant role.

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