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Sodium selenite is acrid in water, baffling in ethanol. The trace aspect selenium supplements. Or for bottle decoloring agent, alkaloid reagents. The able oxidant, acid. The capital additive is sodium selenite, the added absolute the furnishings of vitamin E and selenium collaborative. Experiments appearance that, the college absorption of sodium selenite can advance DNA corpuscle proliferation, corpuscle senescence. Clinical for blockage and analysis of cancer, hypertension, coronary affection disease, myocarditis, Keshan disease, Kashin-Beck disease. Oral: astute or subacute Keshan ache ancient area, 2-3 afore the anniversary melancholia ages started taking, 1 times a week, 1-5, 0.5mg; 6-10, 1.0mg; over 11 years of age or per 10d 2mg; 1, 1-5 1.0mg, 6-10 2.0mg; 11-15 3.0mg; aloft 16 4.0mg, accouterment to the division ended. Afterwards meals. A selenious acerbic and sodium hydroxide and alkali prepared. The acknowledgment of selenium with nitric acerbic blaze of selenium, and again reacts with sodium hydroxide, sodium selenite, afterwards drying, cutting was finished.

Sodium selenite can could could cause contagion death. Astute contagion is arresting : high respiratory amplitude and eyes, close film irritation, headache, dizziness, nausea. Exhaled animation and derma of garlic. Derma acquaintance may could could cause dermatitis. This artefact is non-flammable, awful toxic, irritating. Selenium and its compounds are awful toxic, but the trace selenium are capital nutrients the animal body. Stable in the air, usually absolute 5 baptize of condensate for the conical crystallization, accident of baptize in dry air. The appurtenances stored in a dry, cool, aerial warehouse. Away from fire, calefaction source. Abstain absolute sunlight, packing seal, should acerbic and oxidant,, the use of chemicals stored separately, abstain bond reservoir. Storage areas should be able with the adapted arising accession container. : sealing operation, accommodate acceptable bounded ventilation, to anticipate dust appear into the air in the branch or in the laboratory. The abettor have to go through specialized training, carefully accept by the rules. Proposed operators abrasion anti-dust masks ( bankrupt ), abrasion careful accouterment tape, cutting elastic gloves, abstain creating dust.

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