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Manganese sulfate is white to anemic red accomplished crystals or powder. Soluble in water, baffling in ethanol. In 200 ℃ aloft began accident baptize of crystallization, 280 ℃ loses a lot of of baptize of crystallization, of about 500 ℃to lose all the baptize of crystallization. 700 ℃to 850 ℃begins to melt, decomposition, at about 1050 ℃complete decomposition. In 27 ℃solubility increases with accretion temperature, after with the acceleration of temperature, the solubility but decreased gradually, to 200℃was alone 0.7%. In the asleep industry for the assembly of electrolytic manganese and manganese alkali preparation. Coatings industry for the assembly of driers and linoleic acerbic manganese phosphating agent, metal products. Agriculture is an important trace aspect fertilizer, and bulb chlorophyll amalgam catalyst. With able bulk of manganese sulfate solution, can accomplish a array of abridgement crop growth, access production.

Manganese sulfate is mainly present in the pituitary gland, alarmist and pancreas and cartilage in the mitochondria, for a array of enzymatic components. Manganese in vivo hematopoiesis process, advance intracellular lipid oxidation, preventing atherosclerosis. Manganese absence can could cause advance retardation, osteoporosis and movement disorders. It is an important trace elements of fertilizer, can be acclimated as abject fertilizer, seed, seed, fertilizer and spraying the foliage, can advance the advance of crops to access yield. In beastly husbandry and augment industry, as augment accretion for livestock and poultry, can accomplish acceptable development, and fattening effect. Processing is aswell paint, ink driers; naphthalene acerbic manganese band-aid of raw materials; constructed blubbery acerbic if acclimated as catalyst; in addition, aswell can be acclimated for cardboard making, ceramics, press and dyeing, ore flotation; electrolytic manganese assembly of raw abstracts and added raw abstracts manganese salt. Aswell acclimated for battery, admixture catalyst, analytic reagents, mordant, additives, such as alleviative materials.

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