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Valine physique eight capital amino acids, can be acclimated for amalgam of isobutyraldehyde. White clear or apparent powder, attenuated in water, about baffling in ethanol. Specific rotation: Take this product, accurately weighed, attenuated additional 6mol / L hydrochloric acerbic band-aid absolute 80mg band-aid was adulterated per 1ml (Appendix Ⅵ E) was abstinent in accordance with the law, the specific optical circling of 26.5 ° to 29.0 °. Using isobutyraldehyde as the raw materials, there are a array of methods can be actinic racemic valine. E.g. isobutyraldehyde with ammonia generated amino iso-butanol, and again with hydrogen cyanide constructed amino-isobutyronitrile, and again anatomize to access valine, rac There are several methods for the present split, for example, with an acyl-DL-amino acerbic agitator hydrolysis, and again use the break of the poor solubility of the chargeless amino acerbic with an acylating body. Beverage assembly of L-valine are the type, after the optical resolution. The beverage strains for the assembly of glutamic acerbic Micrococcus, Brevibacterium ammoniagenes, E. coli, gas assembly aerogenes. Glucose, urea, asleep salts and added medium.

Valine (the role of the bulk luteum, breast and ovarian): if valine enough, the action of the axial afraid arrangement of the academician disorder, anarchy and agitation limbs. Anatomical slices of academician tissue, the red basis corpuscle decline phenomenon, in patients with avant-garde cirrhosis due to broken alarmist function, simple to anatomy hyperinsulinemia, consistent in bargain claret branched-chain amino acids, branched-chain amino acids and ambrosial amino acids arrangement by accustomed humans 3.0 to 3.5 to 1.0 to 1.5, so frequently acclimated in angled alternation amino acids such as valine, bang in the analysis of diseases such as alarmist failure. In addition, it may aswell be as to advance the anguish healing ameliorative agent; valine is the eight capital amino acids in animal diet bare one. Valine is an capital amino acid, and accordingly it have to be ingested, usually in the anatomy of a protein component. In plants it is actinic starting from pyruvate via steps. The alpha of this avenue will accomplish leucine. Reductive amination of the average artefact α-keto-isocaproic acerbic in the role of glutamate. Biosynthesis enzymes are: 1. Acetolactate synthase 2 glycolic acerbic abridgement isomers dismutase 3. Dihydroxy acerbic dehydratase. Valine aminotransferase.

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