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Guarana ” with high lipid protein, minerals, vitamins and expensive, cell growth and organ composition is very important, without which it would have a very serious problem. So the horse ‘natives guarana can eat 5% days do not eat anything still have physical hard work, like to eat high nutrition food, in Europe and the United States guarana is used as expensive nourishing tonic. Guarana can take the initiative to supplement the human body each cell nutrition, promote growth and prevent organ aging, so the most suitable for children, adolescent development and the elderly to restore vitality and chronic patients back to health.

Guarana can reduce high cholesterol, fatty acid, regulating the circulation of blood.

“Guarana” can activate protein dissolution fiber and in the metabolism of the body, can consume synthesis required for Cholersterol CoA, it showed vascular dilatation effect, make each department organization especially oxygen head, neck and the part of supply and application of a substantial increase in the amount of various diseases, effectively improve the brain blood vessels and vascular occlusion. Caused by, and can stimulate the heart, strong heart of effective prevention of myocardial infarction and heart failure.


Reishi spore oil, yellow transparent liquid, are the main ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum acid, unsaturated fatty acid, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides. Phagocytosis of macrophage induced or promote directly and indirectly kill tumor cells. This product can improve immunity, reduce the occurrence of circumstances caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy poor spirit, loss of appetite, vomiting and hair loss.

The main components

1, three triterpene Ganoderma lucidum acid

2, unsaturated fatty acid

Invigorate the circulation of the pain

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect


The analgesic action of lavage in mice.The effective components in volatile oils.Use mouse hot plate method to prove frankincense volatile oil has analgesia effect, after the extraction of volatile oil residue is null and void.The volatile oil of analgesia is mainly octyl acetate.

Protect the stomach

Frankincense is to inhibit the action of the experimental peptic ulcer.The mechanism may be related to local protection.

Drive midge burned frankincense have drive midge effect.Because of this feature, some families like in the home use frankincense prevention west Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever and other diseases spread by mosquitoes.


Often used in religious ceremonies.For example, Christianity, Islam and Judaism christians use the essential oil blessing newborns and other followers.The egyptians will also mastic crushed into powder used as eye shadow powder.

Pure frankincense also can be used as a gum to chew.