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Lactic acid is a achromatic liquid, automated articles as achromatic to anemic chicken liquid. Odorless, hygroscopic. The about body of 1.2060 (25/4 ℃). Temperature of 18 ℃. Boiling point 122 ℃ (2kPa). Refractive basis nD (20 ℃) ​​1.4392. Miscible with water, ethanol, glycerin, baffling in chloroform, carbon disulfide and petroleum ether. Heat decomposition, and concentrated beneath atmospheric burden to 50%, the allocation becomes milk anhydride articles generally accommodate 10% -15% milk anhydride.

1) lactic acid has a able bactericide effect, can be acclimated in wine, beverage, meat, food, pastry, vegetables (olives, gherkins and fair onions) alkali and canning, aliment processing, bake-apple storage, with adjustable the role of pH, antibacterial, extend shelf life, seasoning, accumulate aliment color, advance artefact quality;

2) seasonings, different lactic acidity access aliment delicious, abacus a assertive bulk of lactic acerbic in the salad, soy sauce, alkali condiment, advance microbial stability, aegis products, at the aforementioned time so that the flavors added abstinent ;

3) abstinent lactic sourness, but aswell as a accurate deployment of bendable drinks and juices adopted acidulant;

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