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Policosanol (or polycosanol) is the all-encompassing appellation for a accustomed admixture of continued alternation alcohols extracted from bulb waxes. It is acclimated as a comestible supplement advised to lower LDL cholesterol and access HDL cholesterol and to advice anticipate atherosclerosis, admitting some studies accept aloft questions about the capability of policosanol.


Policosanol is a actinic acquired from amoroso pikestaff and added sources.


Policosanol is acclimated for abounding conditions, but so far, there isn’t abundant accurate affirmation to actuate whether or not it is able for any of them.


Policosanol is acclimated for altitude that affect the bloom of the affection and claret argosy including top cholesterol, leg affliction due to poor apportionment (intermittent claudication), and absorption of the claret argosy that serve the heart.

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