MgO Powder Application •Abrasive (For Grinding Wheels, Emerystones, Millstones) •Stock Feed / Cattle Feed •Chemicals (Magnesium Salts) •Construction. (Flooring, Ceiling Boards) •Electrical (Insulating Material) •Fertilizers (Plant Nutrient) •Fuel Additive (Neutralization) •Glass Manufacture (Decorative / Special Purpose) •LeatherTanning

MgO Powder is availablein white and yellowish color and used in ferrous powder. The chemical is used to make

partition board, glazed tile, magnesium oxide board, fire proofing board, grinding wheel, griding stone,

grinding mill, fire brick and more such products. It finds application in agricultural, chemical,

environmental and construction industries .

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MgO Powder(Caustic Calcined Magnesite Powder)