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Lactic acid is a achromatic liquid, automated articles as achromatic to anemic chicken liquid. Odorless, hygroscopic. The about body of 1.2060 (25/4 ℃). Temperature of 18 ℃. Boiling point 122 ℃ (2kPa). Refractive basis nD (20 ℃) ​​1.4392. Miscible with water, ethanol, glycerin, baffling in chloroform, carbon disulfide and petroleum ether. Heat decomposition, and concentrated beneath atmospheric burden to 50%, the allocation becomes milk anhydride articles about accommodate 10% -15% milk anhydride. Lactate dehydrogenase in the cooler action pyruvate is adapted to L-lactic acid. The lactic acerbic in the accepted metabolism and movement is consistently getting generated, but its absorption is about not rise. Only in lactic acerbic assembly action accelerated, lactic acerbic can not be transported in a adapted manner, its absorption will improve. The lactate carriage acceleration is afflicted by a bulk of factors including monocarboxylic transporter, the absorption of lactate dehydrogenase and isomeric forms, the oxidative accommodation of the organization. About the absorption of the lactic acerbic in the claret if not in motion for a 1-2mmol / L, can acceleration to 20mmol / L in the able movement. The acerbic has a charwoman detergent, etc., for abrasion the charwoman articles and bigger achievement than acceptable amoebic descaler acerbic has anti-microbial, can aftermath a accessory aftereffect if it is with added anti-microbial agents, such as with the use of ethanol.

Lactic acerbic has a able bactericide effect, accessible in wine, beverage, meat, food, pastry, vegetables (olives, gherkins and fair onions) marinated and canning, aliment processing, bake-apple storage, adjusting the pH bulk role of antibacterial, extend shelf life, seasoning, accumulate aliment color, advance artefact quality; seasonings, lactic acerbic a different acerb access aliment delicious, salad, soy sauce, alkali additive in a assertive bulk of lactic acid, can advance microbial stability, aegis products, while the aftertaste is added mild; abstinent lactic sourness, the adopted acidulant aswell accurate deployment of bendable drinks and juices; brewing beer, abacus an adapted bulk of lactic acerbic acclimatize the pH to advance both glycosylated, is accessory to the aggrandize cooler to advance the superior of beer, but aswell access the beer acidity and extend shelf life. Liquor, account and wine acclimated to acclimatize the pH, to anticipate bacilli growth, enhance the acerb and auspicious taste; buffered lactic acerbic can be acclimated in harder candy, fruit, amoroso and added confectionery products, abstinent acidity and amoroso into low. Lactic acerbic crumb can be acclimated for all kinds of bonbon on the powder, as a delicate acerb agent; lactic absolute alertness of drugs or the use of circadian bloom affliction products; such as Jiao Yan clandestine locations battery gel formulations developed by the European experts, bogus for complete women vaginal lactobacilli slow, abacus a lactic acerbic composition, and to advance vaginal self-cleaning.

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