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Acerola is built-in from Southern Mexico, Central and South America, but now getting aswell developed as far North as Texas and in subtropical areas – Asia and India. It is accepted for getting acutely affluent in vitamin C although it aswell contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3 as able-bodied as carotenoids and bioflavonoids which accommodate actual important comestible amount and accept accessible antioxidant uses. This vitamin C produced by the bake-apple is bigger captivated by animal bacilli than constructed ascorbic acid.

Acerola Extract Powder is acquired from acerola cherries, one of nature’s accomplished sources of vitamin C. The bake-apple can crop up to 3,000 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of beginning weight, but on the boilerplate yields about 1,500 mg. In the accomplished few years several bake-apple and drupe extracts accept become accepted in the United States. These antioxidant affluent fruits cover Goji berry, Mangosteen, Noni, Acai, Pomegranate, and Bilberry.