Rooibos has been accustomed as the “miracle tea,” and behindhand of whether you accept such claims, it’s leaven accepting to apperceive this South African herb. In accession to its use as a fruity, red tisane, rooibos can even be congenital into candied and agreeable dishes.
Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) is a shrubby plant that grows alone in southwestern South Africa. The broiled leaves are commonly acclimated to accomplish tisanes that accept no caffeine and beneath tannins than atramentous tea. Although there is a non-oxidized adaptation of rooibos (akin to blooming tea), the a lot of accepted breakable array is amber in blush with a by itself sweet, woody, tobacco-y flavor. As for the bloom benefits, rooibos is top in antioxidants and declared uses cover acne, aging, asthma, cancer, and insomnia.