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Methanesulfonyl chloride is acclimated as a reagent for about-face of alcohols to mesylate esters such as methanesulfonate, which is an average in barter reactions, abolishment reactions, reductions, and barter reactions viz. Beckmann rearrangement. It is an electrophile and acts as a antecedent of CH3SO2+ group. It is aswell acclimated to adapt beta-chloro sulfones, methanesulfonamide and heterocyclic compounds absolute 5 membered sultones.
Methanesulfonyl chloride is mainly acclimated to accord methanesulfonates by its acknowledgment with alcohols in the attendance of a non-nucleophilic base.Methanesulfonates are acclimated as intermediates in barter reactions, abolishment reactions, reductions, and barter reactions. When advised with a Lewis acid, oxime methanesulfonates abide accomplished Beckmann rearrangement.
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