Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a synthetic, green-yellowish gas with a chlorine-like, acid odor. Chlorine dioxide is a aloof chlorine compound. Chlorine dioxide is actual altered from elementary chlorine, both in its actinic anatomy as in its behavior. Chlorine dioxide is a small, airy and actual able molecule. In diluted, adulterated solutions chlorine dioxide is a chargeless radical. At top concentrations it reacts acerb with abbreviation agents. Chlorine dioxide is an ambiguous gas that dissociates into chlorine gas (Cl2), oxygen gas (O2) and heat. When chlorine dioxide is photo-oxidized by sunlight, it avalanche apart. The end-products of chlorine dioxide reactions are chloride (Cl-), chlorite (ClO-) and chlorate (ClO3-).

At –59°C, solid chlorine dioxide becomes a brownish liquid. At 11°C chlorine dioxide turns into gas.

Chlorine dioxide is 2,4 times denser than air. As a aqueous chlorine dioxide has a bigger body than water.