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Hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) has even poorer solvating ability than alkanes. It is accordingly sometimes active to accumulate awful lipophilic compounds.

It is acclimated in aqueous tapeages (spray on plasters) such as cavilon spray, to assure damaged derma from affliction from added actual fluids. It is aswell acclimated to abate and abolish adhering residues larboard by medical tape and tapeages, after causing added derma irritation.

Hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) is getting advised for authoritative low-k dielectric extracts for the semi-conductor industries by PECVD (plasma-enhanced actinic breath deposition).

Hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) has been acclimated as a anchorman atom to admeasurement tissue oxygen astriction (pO2). HMDSO is awful berserk and exhibits top gas solubility, and appropriately able nuclear alluring resonance circuit filigree alleviation amount (R1) acknowledgment to changes in pO2. Molecular agreement provides a individual NMR signal. Following absolute bang into tissues it has been acclimated to accomplish maps of bump and beef oxygenation dynamics with account to hyperoxic gas breath challenge.