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Water chestnut can abound in any freshwater setting, from intertidal amnion to 12 anxiety deep, although it prefers nutrient-rich lakes and rivers. Presently, the bulb is begin in Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania, with a lot of ambiguous populations occurring in the Connecticut River valley, Lake Champlain region, Hudson River, Potomac River and the high Delaware River.

Water chestnut can anatomy close amphibian mats, acutely attached ablaze – a analytical aspect of amphibian ecosystems. Once established, it can abate oxygen levels, accretion the abeyant for angle kills. It competes with built-in frondescence and is of little amount to waterfowl. Water chestnut infestations absolute boating, fishing, pond and added recreational activities. Further, its aciculate fruits, if stepped on, can could cause aching wounds.