Despite its toxicity, belladonna has some alleviative benefit. The chemicals atropine and scopolamine, which are acquired from belladonna, accept important alleviative properties.

Atropine and scopolamine accept about the aforementioned uses, but atropine is added able at adequate beef spasms and acclimation affection rate. It’s aswell acclimated to amplify the pupils during an eye exam. Atropine can aswell be an antitoxin for insecticides and actinic warfare agents.

Scopolamine has abounding sources, including belladonna, and is added able at abbreviation physique secretions, such as abdomen acid. It can aswell advice motion sickness, via derma patch.

Combined with Phenobarbital or other medications, these chemical derivatives of belladonna (atropine or scopolamine) are used to treat a number of conditions, including:

irritable bowel syndrome

spastic colon

stomach ulcers

Parkinson’s disease


motion sickness

excessive nighttime urination

pink eye