Equisetum Arvense contains several substances which can be acclimated medicinally. It is affluent in the minerals silicon (10%), potassium, and calcium.[citation needed] The buds are eaten as a vegetable in Japan and Korea in bounce time. All added Equisetum breed are toxic.

Fertile shoots, in backward April.

In attenuated conditions[citation needed], it may amalgamate nicotine. Evidently it was commonly acclimated for chilblains and wounds. It was aswell already acclimated to brightness pewter and copse (gaining the name pewterwort) and to strengthen fingernails. It is aswell an abrasive. It was acclimated by hurdy-gurdy players to dress the auto of their instruments by removing adhesive body up.

Equisetum is acclimated in biodynamic agriculture (preparation BD 508) in accurate to abate the furnishings of boundless baptize about plants (such as fungal growth). The top silica agreeable of the bulb reduces the appulse of moisture.

  1. arvense assemble has been acclimated in acceptable Austrian anesthetic internally as tea, or evidently as baths or compresses, for analysis of disorders of the skin, locomotor system, kidneys and urinary tract, rheumatism and gout.