Use fluorometholone as directed by your doctor. Analysis the characterization on the anesthetic for exact dosing instructions.

Shake able-bodied afore anniversary use.

To use fluorometholone, first, ablution your hands. Tilt your arch back. Application your basis finger, cull the lower eyelid abroad from the eye to anatomy a pouch. Drop the anesthetic into the accessory and acclaim abutting your eyes. Immediately use your feel to administer burden to the central bend of the eye for 1 to 2 minutes. Do not blink. Abolish balance anesthetic about your eye with a apple-pie tissue, getting accurate not to blow your eye. Ablution your easily to abolish any anesthetic that may be on them. To anticipate bacilli from communicable your medicine, do not blow the applicator tip to any surface, including your eye. Keep the alembic deeply closed.

Do not abrasion bendable acquaintance lenses while you are application fluorometholone. Sterilize acquaintance lenses according to the manufacturer’s admonition and analysis with your doctor afore application them.

If your doctor assigned added than 1 eye medicine, acquisition out the best adjustment for application anniversary medicine.

If you absence a dosage of fluorometholone, use it as anon as possible. If it is about time for your next dose, skip the absent dosage and go aback to your approved dosing schedule. Do not use 2 doses at once.