Geraniol is acyclic monoterpene-alcohol. Pure geraniol is a colourless adipose liquid, with a candied rose-like scent. When oxidized, geraniol becomes geranial or citral.

Geraniol is a accustomed antioxidant. Geraniol has been appropriate to advice anticipate cancer. Carnesecchi S. et al approved in his abstraction “Geraniol, a basic of Plant Essential Oils, Inhibits Grwoth and Polyamine Biosyntehsis in Human Colon Blight Cells”, (Pharmacology, July 2001) that geraniol acquired a 50% access of ornithine decarboxylase activity, which is enhances during blight growth. Geraniol inhibits DNA synthesis.

Burk YD assured in his abstraction “Inhibition of Pancreatic Blight Advance by the comestible isoprenoids farnesol and geraniol” (Lipids, February 1997) that geraniol, farnesol and perilll booze abolish pancreatic bump growth.

Other beastly studies accept aswell approved the anticancer furnishings of geraniol.