Digoxin may be awash beneath the cast names Cardoxin, Lanoxicaps, Lanoxin or Digitek. These are acclimated to amusement aberrant affection rhythms or affection abortion by allowance your physique bigger administer your affection rate. Occasionally digoxin will be assigned afterwards a affection advance to advice administer the affliction acquired by this condition. This medication can be assigned in liquid, abridged and book form, all of which are meant to be captivated orally. Different brands adapt the dosage and concentrations of digoxin so it is important to accomplish abiding your refills are consistently the aforementioned brand.

Instructions for your medication will alter depending on your dosage and the blazon of medication you are doing. Read the instructions on your decree anxiously afore you activate demography your medication to accomplish abiding you accept how abundant to yield and when. You should try to yield doses consistently, but if you overlook a dosage yield one as anon as you remember, unless it is abutting to the time you should be demography your next dose. You should not bifold up on doses even if you accept absent one.