Invigorate the circulation of the pain

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect


The analgesic action of lavage in mice.The effective components in volatile oils.Use mouse hot plate method to prove frankincense volatile oil has analgesia effect, after the extraction of volatile oil residue is null and void.The volatile oil of analgesia is mainly octyl acetate.

Protect the stomach

Frankincense is to inhibit the action of the experimental peptic ulcer.The mechanism may be related to local protection.

Drive midge burned frankincense have drive midge effect.Because of this feature, some families like in the home use frankincense prevention west Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever and other diseases spread by mosquitoes.


Often used in religious ceremonies.For example, Christianity, Islam and Judaism christians use the essential oil blessing newborns and other followers.The egyptians will also mastic crushed into powder used as eye shadow powder.

Pure frankincense also can be used as a gum to chew.