Wax gourd peel contains more rich nutrition, not only has health care value, and have medicinal value. Wax gourd peel contains a variety of volatile components, triterpene compounds, cholesterol derivatives, and contains vitamin B1, vitamin C, niacin, beta carotene and other minerals and trace elements.

Winter melon skin sex small cold and taste sweet, pale, can heat the water swelling, commonly used in water swelling, especially suitable for the urination obstruction caused by disease, etc. Winter melon skin still can treat diabetes, if can keep YinFu wax gourd soup 3 ~ 6 months, “sanduo” can make the patients with diabetes mellitus (drink more, eat much, urine) symptoms are improved obviously. Visible, when to eat wax gourd, also should not cut last winter melon, even the best skin stew, winter melon skin nutrition and efficacy.