Datura flower for annual erect herb, about 0.5 1.5 meters high, the whole plant nearly glabrous, dark purple stems.

Leaves alternate, in the upper stem is false, opposite, petiole 2-6 cm, leaf area into ovate or ovate, wide 5-20 cm long, 4 – l5 cm wide, base of blade body asymmetric, apex acuminate, lateral veins 4-6 on each side; Leaf margin entire, microwave, short or irregular teeth.

Flower upright and solitary, generally between growth in axillary or forks, pedicels ca. 1 cm, calyx cylindrical, 4-9 cm long and 2 cm in diam.; Corolla funnel-shaped, have white, pale yellow, pale purple, 14 and 20 cm long, eaves of 6-10 cm in diameter, wild class for single, cultivated species has double disc or triple valve, lobes short, pointed, short pointed down three longitudinal veins.

Stamens 5 (cultivated species can reach 15), was born in corolla tube, filaments stick 1-1.2 cm long, while the pistil 1, ovary hydrophobic short stinging hair, style 11-16 cm, head stick. Capsule nearly globose, about 3 cm in diameter, shell thin and short, irregular 4 disc crack. Seeds nearly kidney-shaped, light brown color, diameter of 3 mm. Flowering and fruiting for march to December.