Saw palmetto is a low-growing approach timberline begin in the West Indies and in littoral regions of the southeastern United States. The timberline grows 6 to 10 anxiety in acme and has a acme of ample leaves. The berries are acclimated in herbal remedies.

Some analytic studies accept begin that saw palmetto relieves some affection of amiable prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or continued prostate, such as difficult and common urination. However, at this time there are no accessible abstraction after-effects that appearance that saw palmetto can anticipate or amusement prostate cancer.

Saw palmetto supplements are accessible as capsules, tablets, extracts, and as a tea. There is no accepted dosage. In some analytic studies for the analysis of BPH, patients accustomed 320 milligrams per day as a individual dosage or disconnected into 2 doses. A contempo abstraction showed advanced aberration in the capacity of altered brands of saw palmetto supplements.