Casein phosphopeptides(CPP)  Casein as raw material, through biotechnology arrangement was biologically alive peptides, can be acclimated for a array of nutrition, bloom food, can finer advance the physique of calcium, iron, zinc and added divalent mineral assimilation and appliance of nutrients. Casein phosphopeptide with trypsin or trypsin hydrolysis of casein, has been purified, ablution is fabricated of its amount structure:-Se r (P)-Se r (P)-Se r (P)-G lu- G lu-(Se r: serine, G Lu: glutamic acerbic P: phosphoric acerbic group). Phosphorylation of serine residues in this anatomy (-Se r (P) -) clusters exist, with a abrogating charge, can anticipate added role of the digestive enzymes in the the abdominal PH abominably acrid environment, so that the CPP will not be added anatomize durably present in the intestines. The calm analysis begin that the abate CPP phosphorus and nitrogen in the molar ratio, a peptide alternation of the CPP is shorter, the greater the body of the phosphate group, the college the abstention in the CPP, advance the assimilation and appliance of calcium is aswell stronger. CPP can arrest the accumulation of calcium phosphate precipitation, and to advance a top assimilation of chargeless calcium, announcement the acquiescent assimilation of calcium, vitamin D as a calcium assimilation announcement abettor is addition way.

Casein phosphopeptides(CPP) calcium captivation accommodation i.e. cpp maintained in band-aid of calcium Colonel beneath assertive altitude in the attendance of calcium ions and phosphate band-aid system, the pH was fabricated alkaline, there will be the accumulation of calcium phosphate precipitation. The attendance of the CPP can be bargain due to calcium phosphate precipitation and induced calcium loss, so that added calcium to advance the attenuated state. Moderate aggregate of the CPP and calcium accept this aggregate of backbone that can assure the calcium precipitation, and abundant to advance a lot of attenuated calcium transporters to the abdominal mucosa, but will not affect the assimilation of calcium due to the aggregate of too close. CPP and calcium bounden is dynamic, calcium ion continuously getting CPP binding, release, combined, and again release, so that a phosphoric acerbic accumulation in the CPP in the atom can be adequate over 30 calcium ions are not getting precipitated. CPP is aswell focus on convalescent the assimilation and appliance of calcium and development of new comestible products, it is far automated assembly of biologically alive peptides one of the aliment additives, it is compared with VD assimilation rate, non-toxic ancillary effects, can enhance added zinc, adamant and added divalent mineral assimilation rate. The CPP can advance the baby intestine, the lower allotment can not be acquiescent circulation of saturated calcium absorption, this assimilation is not afflicted by age and VD changes.

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